Wings Tattoos : Let Your Inventiveness Fly

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Getting a tattoo is a big decision. Once you have made the choice to get inked, you then must decide what kind of design to get. This is a very critical decision and one which you shouldn’t rush into. You will be stuck with that tattoo for the rest of your life. Many people who faced the same choice have opted to get wings tattoos.

When it comes to wings tattoos you’ve a few options open to you. What follows are some ideas that you may use to help decide what sort of tattoo with wings you want to have.

Angel Wings: Some people have on their shoulders and backs tattoos that make it look like they actually have angel wings. Most people who get these types of wings tattoos get them for religious reference or symbolism.

Demon Wings : Some people get devil wings tattooed onto their shoulders and spine. These types are similar to the angel wings discussed above. People sometimes also get these kinds of tattoos for non secular reference or symbolism.

Fairy Wings : These kinds of wings tattoos are for people who are into fantasy art. The wings on their spine and shoulders look like fairy wings. These sorts of wings tattoos are way more favored by ladies than men.

Butterfly Wings: This type of design is inspired by one of nature’s most beautiful creatures, butterflies. These are also inked onto the shoulders and back. Like the fairy wings these types of tattoos are often more favored by women.

All the above types of wings tattoos are usually quite large. They also are usually very intricate in design. If you’re going to go with butterfly or fairy wings, you’ll also probably want multi-color ink used. If you decide that these types of tattoos would be right for you, be prepared to pay a lot for them. Depending on how big, how intricate, and how many colors you want; you should also be prepared to have to get the tattoo done over multiple sessions.

If you do not need to spend the cash or commit that much of your skin to a tattoo, you can always have smaller tattoos featuring wings. As an example, rather than getting butterfly wings ; you may have a butterfly tattoo put somewhere on your body, in place of getting angel wings, you can get a tattoo depicting an angel, etc…

You can get wings tattoos that cause it to appear like you have precise wings or you can get a tattooed something that features wings. Regardless of which type you choose to get, you have got to be certain that you can live with that tattoo for the remainder of your life. You need to also take under consideration the time you are going to have to spend getting the tattoo and the price tag.

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