Why You Should Have Military Tattoos

Do you have military tattoos? You’re probably glad you did, because these days, you’ll be the center of attention wherever you go. If you’re a member of the military, chances are good that you’ve made it to the point where you’re ready to get some ink and start expressing yourself a little more. What better way to do it than by putting on your uniform and displaying your ink to the world. Here’s a look at some of the most popular military tattoos for men.

Marine Corps. One of the first things that come to mind when you think of the US military is its commitment to staying together, to protecting its own as much as anyone else. One of the ways that the Marine Corps displays this unity is through the camo element of their uniform. Camo is an indigenous tribal print used by the Marines and other forces throughout the years.

US Air Force. The air force is known for its commitment to diversity. The fighter plane is not just the pride of the air force, it’s also a symbol of pride for gay members of the force. A rainbow flies on the wings of most fighter planes, and while some of the rainbow colors may have special significance for the GLBT community, the majority is a solid white. In many ways, the air force goes beyond symbolism when it comes to gay pride. They don’t just want to show off their sexual orientation, they want to show everyone that they’re equal in every way.

Navy. As you might expect, the navy has a large number of gay members. Since early in the 20th century, there have been a number of popular symbols adopted by sailors. The gay pride tattoo is a common feature among sailors.

Army. Just as with the Marines, the armed forces often display pride through the symbols associated with their branch. Like the Marines, the army has a tradition of featuring an eagle or other flight symbol on its chest insignia. The army has also become more accepting of gay soldiers. Although the armed services have specific rules governing sexual harassment, sexual advances, and other issues, they’ve been more willing to admit that sexual orientation is not a reason for being denied promotion or discharge.

Air Force. Although the Air Force has a tradition of pride in uniform, the service has come under fire for permitting gay members to serve openly. Until recently, all openly gay members of the military were discharged because of the embarrassment they believed it would cause. However, the service now permits open sexuality.

Coast Guard. Those who love the sea can sport a tattoo of the sea on their bodies. Those who love the skies can sport a tattoo of the stars and stripes. And those who are into the land can get a tattoo of a farm or ranch on their bodies. Military tattoos are a perfect expression of the kind of person a person is.

When one thinks about military tattoos, the common designs are of stars and stripes. However, other than that, anybody can get a design they like. It’s not about being proud of your country or your service or anything else. It’s just about expressing yourself. Military tattoos are a great way to do that.

What is more, tattoos are very easy to flaunt at any time. They don’t have to be on display every day. Of course, you can’t flaunt them everywhere – in the office, in public, but displaying them will help let others know that you are proud of your country and your service. And most importantly, by posting the pictures of your tattoos on your internet social networking sites, you can let others know that you are on a mission to serve your country and that you are proud of your military service. The pictures of your tattoos are going to be your courage.

The reason why the Marine Corps is the first branch of the armed forces to develop a tattoo policy was because they recognize that this is not just a way of showing pride, but also as a way of maintaining quality discipline. A well-disciplined Marine will be able to learn from others who are also trying to uphold a high standard of discipline. You’ll find that the Marine Corps has a lower ratio of breaking rules than any other branches do. This is because their recruits have been thoroughly trained in how to be professional military service men.

Finally, military tattoos are going to allow you to express yourself in a very unique way. Since the tattoos are so unique, you won’t be constrained by what the media tells you to think about tattoos. What’s more military tattoos have a lot of variety – from colors and shapes to tribal and Celtic. Whatever your personality and beliefs, you are sure to find an appropriate tattoo for you.