Vintage Ship Tattoo – The Meaning of Vintage Ship Tattoos

Ship tattoos
Ship tattoos

Vintage Ship Tattoo – The Meaning of Vintage Ship Tattoos

ship tattoos
Ship tattoos

Ship tattoos are some of the most famous tattoos that are being done presently. When a person decides to get a tattoo it does not matter whether it is for yourself or someone else, you will definitely find many designs that are out there. It has been mentioned that the first boat was built by Christopher Columbus back in 1495. Since then sailboats have played an important part in sailing and fighting. Sailboats helped the sailors to take their daily drudgery on land or at sea into an exciting experience.


Sailors were the ones who first made use of these designs but later on other people also used the concept of a sailing ship designs. Sailboats had different features from each other depending upon their size. Some of the designs of a sailboat had three masts, while some of them were able to carry more than six masts. The design of the sailboat also differs from one country to another.


There are different places where you can have your old school ship tattoos.

Most sailors believed that these things are a symbol of their love for their beloved wives and loved ones back home. Hence this tattoo symbolization became popular among sailors. You can also have your skulls tattooed on your body as they are believed to represent the dead souls of their ancestors who have passed away.


Nautical star tattoos are some of the oldest and most famous nautical star tattoos that are still in use today. They are believed to have originated from France. The nautical stars were actually used for navigation on the ocean. When the compass was invented, people realized that the direction to go is actually determined by the stars at sea. Thus, this symbol was applied to the navigation and mapping systems. These nautical star tattoos have meanings associated with it.


Pirates are also believed to have originated from France. Some pirates wore skull as their symbol of identification as well as for the fact that they were regarded as fierce and brave individuals. To the pirates the humans on land are low and they are considered as easy prey. Thus, these skull designs have been incorporated in many nautical star tattoos designs. They also represent courage and bravery that the pirates have been known to display on the battlefields.


The next kind of ship tattoo designs are the sailors.

This group represents the blood of the nation who are fighting wars. The Navy is the most popular among the various kinds of sailors. In the Navy, the person wearing the sailor’s shirt or cap is said to be a sailor. Since they are the ones who made the ships sail and fight, they naturally have an important role to play in the country’s defense. Thus the Navy is represented by the sailors.


The last are the pirates. The pirates are depicted as guys who wear hoods over their heads. Their symbol is a skull and crossbones, which represent death and danger. The Navy is the first branch to be created by the Americans after the revolution. Since the pirates are the ones that attacked the other country’s ships, the US Navy has a deep history with this kind of imagery. The Navy is known not only by its symbol but also by its colors, rank, and inscriptions on the naval ship tattoos.


The variety of body art is definitely one of the best reasons why so many people love them. There are also a lot of advantages that can be achieved with vintage ship tattoos. For starters, they are hot body art designs that never go out of style. Moreover, since their meaning is deep and rich, they could always remind you of a noble cause or a life lived with courage. Whatever your preferences are, just make sure that you choose a design that would best suit your body.

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