Top 12 tattoo ideas for men – Tattoo designs for men

12. Dragon tattoos Dragon epitomizes emotions. It depicts strength, courage and power. It has a strong message about one’s character. Men being identified as naturally less sensitive and strong creatures boost that manly disposition by opting for dragon designs for body art. It is also identified as the embodiment of power. Dragon has an traditional narrative attached which makes it a preferred choice for many. However while tattooing the dragon sketches could be slightly modified giving a spiritual color to it which could translate the message of love and affection. Infusing, social content into sculptures magnifies its beauty and brings it out big and bold.

11.Cultural tattoos Tattoos aren’t an innovation of modern society. It has been more widespread in past. The only difference is in its acceptance. Today tattoos are not the dividing factor. It is not a mark to segregate tribes. It is more globally accepted; connecting cultures, communities and people. It has invariably elated souls cherishing cultural vows while dislodging cross- cultural barriers. It carries strong messages along with the spunk which is infused through the creativity. They are generally not mundane and too straight- forward. It embodies that interesting inquisitiveness amongst people to reveal its significance. Most importantly! it is not a common show! It is peppy yet has a traditional lining.

10.Incidental tattoos With tattoos losing its identical connotation it is used by many to voice against a specific cause or incidence. It is a medium to bring a social or political happening which is creating unrest in the society. It can also be used just to showcase support for a particular act. Modern age believes in putting across opinions and for that every technique is acceptable. Body art is probably one which meets both the requirements; the agility in putting one’s mind along with remaining uber cool! It is also known as prison tattoos where it is primarily used to stand against a social or political injustice. However incidental tattoos can vary with situations. It can be for an out show of love, affection, objection, denunciation etc. 9.Religious tattoos Religion, spirituality is an important segment in human life and its existence can never be negated. One of the beautiful way to submit to it is through inking oneself with it.

Modern lifestyle has paved in increased stress, complexities, risks and in such circumstances it is the faith which helps one move on. It is also something which is more generally accepted and mellows down the repercussion of strict folks. One can play with the creativity of the artist. Religious designs offer a bounty. New forms can be introduced and it comes out to be new models of old bodies.

It is one form which gives immense leverage to explore. 8.Animal tattoos Amongst men it is always a hit to ink in animal faces. The undeniable tie between humans and animals is restored and revoked through such designs. Further human traits are quite similar to animals. They symbolize love, courage, intelligence, power in a majestic way. Further animals have been closely intricate to cultural values. It defines one’s notions about oneself and somewhere portrays one’s present state or what one aims to achieve. They depict humanly characteristics and puts a correct balance between the manly traits of social animals. 7.Memorial tattoos Tattoos often speak louder than words. It could just fill up the vacuum caused by powers beyond human control or could be an memory which would never die. The best way to remember someone is to keep him close and for that what can be a better option than tattooing. Memorial tattoos are generally names of partners, children or lost souls.

It is either fear of loss or the irreparable loss! 6.Gothic tattoos Gothic tattoos have always achieved its share of admirers because of the theme it embodies. Generally it is accepted to exhibit evil and negativity. Sadly that is untrue! Gothic culture has been stereotyped with gloomy, cynical connotations probably because of the excessive use of black color. However while inking many prefers to go for gothic designs. It has its own oomph and looks traditional yet contemporary. 5.Celestial tattoos Sun, moon stars and planets have their own charm and beauty.

These designs reflect a kind of universality and have its own niche amongst customers. Further they also carry a religious tinge. Tattoos are no more a class driven fashion. Individuals believing on astrology have a strong preference in inking their body with such designs. Celestial bodies can also be easily molded to different shapes and can add an extra edge to the pattern. Its flexibility in getting infused with other sketches keeps it on the hit list among the customers. 4.Chinese symbol tattoos Western countries have witnessed its popularity for quite some time now. Tattoos are also a fooling concept. People like arching designs on the body canvass to flaunt as well and keep others in suspicion about its meaning. Tattoos are not seen only as designs. It needs to have a message. It is a mind taxing endeavor and is more generally accepted if it has a meaning attached to it. 3.Self created tattoos The latest trend in the platter is to create one of its own designs. It has that individuality and uniqueness which cannot be traced on other’s body. It contains a self defining act and along with portraying one’s own creativity.

After all copyists always take a back seat! It can range from a combination of texts and pictures, to numeric to diagrams to statements. It is the best way to showcase one’s mind. 2.Picasso painting tattoos Picasso paintings being gaining popularity in the 20th century have been a choice for many artists who certainly have a natural disposition of appreciating and understanding art. It is beautiful, colorful and is yet to one’s interpretation. It does not keep a water tight meaning attached to it which can be inferred only in one way. It gives one the lucidity to play with one’s imagination. Adding to its wide range of inference it also portrays the individual as an art lover and can be used as an flaunting factor. 1. Zodiac tattoos No matter how much one tries to negate the factor of sunshine it remains attached to every personality and some believes in it a little too much. Instead of pinning volumes of words it is the best way to speak size through just a symbol.

People also prefer getting zodiacs of their loved ones. It is a way of displaying emotions. Zodiacs exhibit characteristics of an individual and are often a quick attention seeker. It does not really leave one discovering the meaning of the tattoo. It is simple yet peppy! Tattoos help you use your body as a canvass to speak your mind while being fashionable. It is beautiful and individualistic..

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