Tattoo Meaning – How the Crown Tattoo Meaning May Speak to You

Crown tattoo meaning
Crown tattoo meaning

Crown tattoo meaning has been around for a long time. It’s meaning varies from person to person. The image of a crown on your body will often be a symbol of royalty, that is why it is so popular. One recurring image is the five pointed crown. The tattoo also aims to tell the world of the belief and loyalty of this bearer to his gang even if others do not accept it.

Crown tattoo meaning
Crown tattoo meaning


And then there are the cool tattoo designs that look like castle spikes that exude some very interesting tattoo meanings. Most of these ideas originate from early medieval Europe. In the middle ages, the idea of being crowned was used for the purpose of identifying who was the leader of an army. They were usually crowned with a feather that pointed to their ranking in the society.

Other popular ideas for crown and gang tattoos are Latin kings and queens, super heroes, and also national symbols. A Latin king or queen can have some interesting tattoo meanings. Some have run up to seven fingers to signify that they ruled for seven years. Others are seven pointing stars to signify that their rule was peacefully.

Tattoo shops have offered up some fun ideas with crown and gang tattoos. A five-point crown is a symbol of power and dominance for gang members. They represent authority and a position of power within a gang. However, some tat enthusiasts argue that the real meaning comes from the Latin phrase “coracula” which means “knotted cord.” It basically means that when a group of people get together it creates a bond that cannot be broken. It’s a symbol of brotherhood and sisterhood within a gang.

Gang tattoos can have a meaning other than being simply for membership within a gang. The most common of these tat meanings is that of a symbol. Some people will have gang tattoos of Celtic crosses, Celtic knotwork, and flags. Others will have symbols like hearts and suns. No matter what the subject matter, tattoos have always been considered a form of body art that highlights the person’s personality and personal beliefs and ideals.

Another tattoo meaning associated with the crown tat design is that of Latin kings. The ancient Romans have had many great leaders including Julius Caesar and Marcus Aurelius. Many times these emperors would have crowns made to honor them as well as a statue of some sort so that the people of Rome could see who they were. This concept has caught on with modern day Latin Kings and Queens as well. Today, Latin Kings and Queens are recognized not only by their crowns but also by statues, pictures, medals, and plaques that honor their greatness.

Some of the most popular designs that feature Latin Kings and Queens are the five point crown tattoos, or tribal crown tattoos. These designs pay homage to the many great Latin Kings that were not only remembered by their own people but also by the entire world. The use of such tats is widely accepted by many latin kings and queens worldwide and many of them even go as far as to have additional tats devoted to them as well.

No matter which tattoo you choose the meaning behind them can be a significant one. Crown tattoos can have many different meanings but all of them do have one thing in common. They honor the men and women who came before us.

Gang tattoos have also come a long way over the years. Originally the tat was used as a sign of affiliation between a gang, or groups of people. The tats would then usually be placed on the back of individuals that served as foot soldiers. As time progressed though, gang tattoos became more popular as they served as a means of self expression. These tats were often used to show pride for the group the person served. In some instances, prison tattoos were used as a means of identification.

In recent times tattoo designs have started to take on a life of their own. There are entire internet sites that cater to the tattoo needs of women looking for tattoo meaning and symbolism. These tattoo designs can range from simple symbols of flowers and stars to complex and unique tats that feature everything from skulls to barbed wire. While many people use prison tattoos as a way to display their heritage and history many others choose to use them as a means of decoration. Whatever the reason for wearing a unique tattoo the choice is always a personal one.

No matter the reasoning behind a person choosing to place a tattoo on their body having a tattoo that speaks to your life experiences, or symbolizes something significant in your life it’s important to know the true meaning of the crown tattoo. If you’re unsure of what type of tattoo you want to get there are several different tattoo galleries online that offer a variety of designs. Using a tattoo gallery to pick a design that speaks to your life or symbolizes something meaningful you love will help you make a wise decision. As with any tattoo it’s important to seek the advice of an experienced tattoo artist who can help you realize your full tattoo meaning.