Shiva Tattoos Designs For Women

If you’re thinking of getting some Shiva tattoos inked on your body, you’ve got a pretty good idea of just how intricate and colorful this particular tribal style can be. The word “Shiva” in Sanskrit is derived from the word Shambhavi, which literally means “all knowing” or “all seeing.” The symbol for Shiva is a three headed eagle and is one of the most recognizable and famous of all tattoo designs. It has played a role in some of the most memorable pop songs of all time and has been featured in movies and television series since ancient times. So you definitely have a lot to think about when you decide Shiva tattoos are right for you.

Shiva tattoos


One of the best things about this tattoo design is that it can be very versatile. There are thousands (even millions) of different shiva tattoos to choose from, and each one represents a different aspect of Shiva. This makes them ideal as a form of self expression, because they can be used to convey a variety of thoughts, ideals, and even emotions. If you want to get inked with this kind of design, you have to know what type of designs are out there, what types of designs look good on your skin and how to make sure you’re getting a real shiva tattoo design.

Most people who get these tattoos have their roots in either Hinduism or Buddhism, but they can also be from other religions or even totally secular. The word “Shiva” actually comes from the Sanskrit term Shravanana, which means “celestial temple.” Since the time the Hindus perfected the art of tattooing, this particular design has become highly respected within the religious community, and even outside of it.

There are many different types of tribal designs that can be incorporated into a Shiva tattoo. One of the most popular ones are those that incorporate the Sanskrit phrase “namaste” or “saying” while also having a layout that is full of vines or flowers. Sometimes these tattoos will have images of Lord Shiva with a lotus flower, or even with a nectar and water fountain. These designs are inspired by the deities Shiva and Mysore, and the Sankrit language that was spoken in ancient India.

Other popular options when it comes to Shiva tattoos include those that feature images of the god sleeping or sleeping Lord Shiva. Another popular choice is a Shiva tattoo with a man in a ball gown, which depicts Shiva as the god of fashion. There are also a lot of images in tribal tattoos of Lord Shiva riding a horse or going on a hunting expedition. One of the most common images for a Shiva tattoo is one that’s wrapped around the waist or chest of a woman. Women who have gotten a shiva tattoo are usually interested in the idea of being connected to the divine force that is Lord Shiva, since this has often been thought of as a path to eternal bliss.

Shiva Tattoos

The best shiva tattoos designs for women tend to be bold, with large, intricate images that draw attention to the eyes or the face. This could be a full body image, or just an elongated arm, and in any case, it should be well placed above the clothing. There are a lot of different tattoo designs that would make a good face tattoos for women. Some of the best ones include images of the goddess’s face, along with her hair and other accessories.

Shiva Tattoos

While some people may think that a Hindu goddess may not have any real meaning for modern times, Hinduism actually worships these same gods, and their aspects as the gods of creation, destruction, and gods. When looking for the best tattoos and ideas for women, you might want to consider looking into a more traditional and ancient tradition, like that of the shiva. When looking for images of these gods, you’ll find some of the best ones looking to be inked right across the forehead. These tattoos are usually accompanied by other aspects of a religion, such as a mantra or incantation.

Shiva Tattoos

As mentioned, some of the best tattoos and ideas for women include those that feature a lot of the color that is associated with a color wheel. These particular designs often feature red, blue, purple, and yellow, along with silver, gold, and carbon options. If you’re interested in a namah shivay tattoo design, these are definitely one of your options. In addition, these designs have long been used for spiritual purposes, and are often seen as representations of the Oneness of everything.

namah shivay tattoo design