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Welcome to Tatuajes Tattoo Today Tattoos discuss Samoans Before we begin our video publishing videos every day so Be sure to subscribe for more funny tattoo It is one of the best tattoos for men are the tattoos island of Samoa or Samoan It comprises several islands in the Polynesian archipelago south of Pacific and in the history of tattoos They are of great importance designs Polynesian islands like Tahiti Hawaii, the Cook Islands and Samoa. The origin of tattoos in Samoa back centuries apparently women were two comings of the Fiji who introduced the tools and art for tattoos. These two women were making known the tattoos and gradually bosses Samoa tribe wanted to offer to show off tattoos.

Soon Art Tattoo was spreading and It became a tradition on the island. The ink used for these tattoos are extracted from a type pecan nut kukue call. shells were placed fire hot and soot gave off they could mixed with water and sugar and develop a kind of pigment black. In Samoa the tattoo is art and tattooists or tattoo artists are Tafuga calls. The Tafugas are responsible for guiding the customer and run the tattoo design Tradition says that not everyone in Samoa can make tattoos but only the descendants of the Tafuga They can continue the practice of tattoo art. The techniques taught from father to son. Meaning of tattoos Samoans Works of art Polynesian tattoos all have cultural significance.

The tattoo represent status, power, honor, it is a distinguishing mark Each island has its distinct design that characterizes Samoa indigenous designs only They can be used by Samoanos thus it was easy to recognize when anyone came another island and sported tattoos with other designs The upper arm or back and shoulder are the most used for this type of tattoos Here we leave some Samoan tattoos Well you think these Samoan tattoos? What do you know about their meanings? Any Samoan tattoo in your body? Remember that you can share with us and in the video below you include your photo Do you agree with our selections ?. If you enjoyed these tattoos share the video with friends and family could be useful for them thanks for visiting Tatuajes Tattoo I appreciate you subscribe and you leave your comment also review the recommended videos for you tattoo your channel

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