Getting Animal Tattoos on Thighs – How To Choose Your Favorite Design

animal tattoos on thigh

Getting Animal Tattoos on Thighs – How To Choose Your Favorite Design

It is common for women to opt for animal tattoos especially when they are tired of the plain and boring designs she has been getting. The choices usually available to them include eagles, panthers, lions, dragons, and many more. Some of these have beautiful frames with beautiful intricate designs while others can be used as a part of a full back tattoo. If you really opt for these animal tattoos on thigh, you need to know that they are not very easy to remove once done and that they are more prone to developing infection. However, if you are ready to get one then you should be aware of some important tips and ideas that would make it easier for you.

The first thing that you should know is that it is best to use only an experienced tattoo artist. The reason is that tattoo art is different from one person to another and what may look good on your friend may not look good on you. Even worse, your friends can regret having it removed later on when they realize how ugly it is. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a tattoo artist who specializes in animal tattoos. You can find such an artist at any tattoo parlor, as most of them will have specialized tattoo artists.

Second, animal tattoos are usually easily noticeable. They are big in size and have unique characteristics, so they easily draw unwanted attention. If you want to get one, be sure to do some research beforehand to see which animals are the most popular and which ones are least likely to cause problems later on. An example of this would be the leopard, since it has long, varied markings that can easily be confused with other skins.

Third, animal tattoos can be very painful. In fact, they can be downright painful depending on the skin and ink type used. This means that you need to prepare yourself emotionally as well. You need to be both willing and able to wait for the healing process. This is because it will take quite a bit of time for the tattoo to heal completely. Bear in mind that your tattoo will be present most of your life, so being prepared to live with it can be a good thing.

Next, make sure that you have discussed everything with your tattoo artist. Never have any decisions made without your artist’s consent, especially large decisions like this. Even though animal tattoos are a personal preference, he will still have to say something and to not approve it. You don’t want him to reject it just because you are upset. A professional artist would never turn down such a request so trust his opinion.

Also, keep in mind that your tattoo will be revealing to everyone who sees it. Therefore, make sure that you go to a tattoo parlor that is private and secluded. The place should be clean and sterile to avoid spreading any infection. It should also be experienced and use top quality tattoo guns.

Once you’ve settled on a design, make sure that you know how long it will take to heal properly. Animals have a very fast healing process because they are covered mostly with fur which enables quick healing. However, some animal designs may take longer because of their size. If you don’t have a lot of time, try to pick a shorter animal design or one that is smaller in size.

If possible, visit tattoo parlors that are known for their quality service and expertise. It is always best to test them first before you get the ink. Most of the artists today specialize in certain animal tattoos so they should have done plenty of work on them already. Tattoo shops usually have artists who specialize in animal designs. Make sure that they really know what they are doing because a bad tattoo job can be a real let-down. The right tattoo shop can make sure that all your fears will be put to rest.