Finding Hindu Tattoos That Are Perfect For You

Hindu tattoos

The vastness of the universe is manifested in Hindu tattoos. The Hindu religion traces its roots to India, a country that has been practicing Buddhism for ages now. It has various sects and divisions, but each one has its own ideals and ideas about what is right and wrong. For example, there is the concept of Oneness, which involves all things existing in the universe being one. There is also the concept of Karma, which suggests that whatever your actions are in this life will determine your destiny in the next. All these combine together to form a philosophy that believes in the fundamental goodness of every living being, even animals.

In ancient times, the concept of God was just starting to shape in India. As such, the actual concept of Hinduism came into being when the first temples were built. Over the centuries, these evolved into full-fledged religions that still hold true today. Hindu tattoos feature gods and goddesses that uphold the Hindu principles. These are not merely human figures; rather, they are representations of Hindu gods and goddesses who have become symbols for all Hindus.

One of the most common symbols found in Hindu tattoos is the deity Vishnu, the lord of all the Gods. This upper arm representation of Vishnu can be rendered on either the left or right arm. Vishnu is usually shown as a handsome man with lightning bolts shooting out from his body. Some Hindu tattoos even show off the actual pose of Vishnu holding a trident.

Hindu Princess

Another popular symbol for Hindu tattoos is the lotus flower. The lotus flower represents eternity and beauty. Since the lotus flower grows in different styles, it has been turned into various icons representing different things. Some of the more popular lotus flower tattoos are the white lotus flower, which represents purity, the purple lotus flower which is said to represent femininity and the black lotus flower which is considered auspicious.

Hindu tattoos of the elephant head are also quite popular. Just as with the lotus flower, the elephant head too has several forms. The common image of an elephant head is one that is beaded with gold thread. There are also modern version of the original which is done in mesh and has heavy lines beading on both sides.

Forearm Hindu Tattoo


Hindu tattoos of the famous ayurvedic practitioner Swami Satchidanand are also quite popular. Swami Satchidanand is considered to be the guru of Ayurveda in India. In his book “Shastras” he had advocated that his followers should wear only holy books and cloth made from the purest of materials. He went on to say that these clothes would help them draw near to the Lord and draw him closer. The clothing that we wear today is a reflection of what our spiritual beliefs are.

Another popular form of Hindu tattoos are those depicting the deities of all the gods of different religions. These deities are worshiped as beings of light and love and also have the attributes of making people live happily ever after. It could be Ganesh, the Hindu god of wealth; Shiva, the god of justice; or Buddha, the god of compassion. The most common of all is Ganesh, who is the elephant-headed god of knowledge. All the other gods can be depicted as being either male or female and may have various attributes.

Hindu god

If you are looking for Hindu tattoos, it is likely that you come from a Hindu background or have at least some faith in the religion. Whether you want something to symbolize your heritage or simply because you think it’s cool, it’s easy to find a design that you will love. You can do some research online or ask around in your church, temple, or community group. Sometimes you will be able to get some good advice by asking friends who are also members of the same religion. With so many options, you’re sure to find something that will make you proud.