Bella Thorne Just Debuted the Craziest Elbow Tattoo on Instagram

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There’s no question that Bella Thorne has thick skin. The 20-year-old shuts down social media trolls on the daily, and never has any qualms with showing her unedited self. And though we’ve always associated Thorne with a DGAF personality, we didn’t realize that her skin is just as thick literally as it is figuratively. At least, that’s what we assume, judging from the super-painful elbow tattoo she debuted on Instagram recently.

Sometime over the weekend, Thorne shared a photo on her Instagram story of a freshly inked tattoo smack-dab on her elbow. The tattoo featured roughly 16 dots and tiny lines formed in a circle around her elbow bone, resembling what we can only assume to be a sun. Thorne showed off the ink in a makeup-free selfie with her elbow pointed directly at the camera.

Bella Thorne Tattoo

Photo: Instagram

The mysterious ink is the work of Los Angeles-based tattoo artist, Daniel Winter, who is known for his delicate, intricate designs.

And though we don’t know the exact meaning of Thorne’s new tattoo, we’re sure it wasn’t the most relaxing ink to get. Given the number of tiny marks directly on her elbow bone, we have a hunch that Thorne’s tattoo was pretty darn painful. However, if someone could withstand the pain, it’s got to be the queen of shutting down social media haters.

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