Autism Tattoo – Why They’re Getting More Popular Among People With Special Needs

Autism tattoo – Why They’re Getting More Popular Among People With Special Needs

autism tattoo
autism tattoo

People with autism often have a love-hate relationship with tats. For some, a tattoo is a way of expressing themselves. Others who are frustrated with the often negative attention certain tats draw. People with autism are drawn to bright colors and art. But you don’t need bright colors or flashy art to express yourself with an autism tattoo.

A simple tattoo can mean everything. A simple word can be powerful and inspiring. A simple statement can bring you enormous joy, like the one posted on Facebook by a woman who had a simple “I love you” tattoo gotten inked on her wrist: “You are my sunshine, no matter how often I am blessed to wake up.” This woman was inspired by the adage: “urense reus’ the sun shines no more.”

Having an autism tattoo is more than simply meaning you love a certain person.

It’s about knowing you’ve got a voice and an ability to speak that other people sometimes can’t comprehend. Tattoos represent stories and emotions. And they’re meant to last forever. It makes perfect sense then, that people with autism would look to the stories and the artistry surrounding tattoos to raise awareness and give inspiration to others.

People with autism may have tats with hearts and flowers, but they may also get tats with religious images as well. The range of emotions an autistic person experience is vast and very often the stories behind those emotions are wrapped up in the tat they choose. With autism, that’s just how it is. That’s why so many people with autism get tattoos: because they want to tell a story; because it inspires them. They want to tell their story to the world.

There’s a great deal of difference between stories told through books and stories told through art. In books, a character speaks off-the-top of his or her head, so it’s difficult to decode. For a reader, who isn’t trained in to decoding what’s going on, there’s a lot of space to guesswork. When it comes to an image or a piece of artwork, on the other hand, there’s only so much you can do before it starts to make sense. It’s the same with autism tattoos: you get what you see.

But what if you had an image of someone with autism, surrounded by positive stories? It would make a powerful statement. In a way, you’d be saying, “Look at the life I could have had if I had only looked at these autism tattoos.” These stories inspire you to look deeper into the images you have inked on your skin. The stories behind autism tattoos are so important because they bring out the beautiful things about each person suffering from this disability.

If you want to get some tattoos but you feel like you need to wait for other people to reach a certain point of understanding, consider getting an autism tattoo to commemorate the person with this disability. In time, the focus will shift from a negative stigma to one of appreciation. Who knows? Maybe 20 years from now, you’ll be the one receiving an honor similar to this.

Looking back from the perspective of a future generation, it seems crazy that anyone with such a disability should be excluded from enjoying freedom of expression. Today, it’s easier than ever to get tattoos. You can shop online or in your local area and find several designs you like. If you have a favorite band or movie star, a great place to get an authentic butterfly autism tattoo is on their arm. Designs like this inspire creativity, and even hope.