Are Women With “Tramp Stamp” Tattoos More Promiscuous?

What is the definition of “Tramp Stamp” tattoo? The phrase “tramp Stamp” tattoo refers to lower back tattoos on women and it suggests that the women who wear them are promiscuous.

The Urban Dictionary says the following about women who wear lower back tattoos: “Those chicks with tramp stamps are the kinds of girls you take home to bang. Don’t get into relationships with them because they are often immature gold digging sluts who sleep with everyone.”

Some extremely ignorant opinions This is an example of total ignorance…a strong opinion about something that is based on little knowlefge and a lot of prejudice, Some people spread their mindless ramblings as fact. Of course, rumors spread like wildfire, so the next thing you know everyone believes this junk and continues to pass it on as solid truth.

Where did this “Tramp Stamp” term originate from? It’s not very clear when it became a popular phrase to describe lower back tattoos on women, but it’s been much more prevalent recently.

Are these rumors true? Is it true that women who wear lower back tattoos are more promiscuous?? The studies that supposedly prove a correlation between lower back tattoos and promiscuity are neither scientific nor accurate. Granted, women who are already promiscuous may choose to get a lower back tattoo, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it goes both ways. It would be like saying that since some dogs bite, then all dogs bite!

What is the connection between sexuality and lower back tattoos? It may be said that women who display tattoos on the sensual lower curvature of their backs are expressing sensuality and confidence. Showing the lower back, with or without a tattoo, is no different than showing skin on other sensual areas of the body. In the 1800s, a woman would be considered indecent if she showed her shoulder or leg. The pinups that were shocking in the early 20th century featuring bathing beauties in swimsuits are laughably very modest today. They used to be considered as positively pornographic.

Are you willing to accept the attention?definitely If you have a lower back tattoo and if you decide to display it by wearing low-rise jeans or crop tops, you will definitely beed to accept the fact that you are going to attract additional attention. Can you handle it? To assert yourself as sexually confident and strong independent woman means being able to carry yourself in a dignified manner despite any negative reactions.

Inappropriate Comments? Showing a lower back tattoo is not an open invitation for others to make sexual comments. While it may be true that there are those out there who will judge women with lower back tattoos and refer to them as “tramp stamps,” there is no truth to the claim that these women are any more promiscuous than others.

Who will judge you? If you are a woman wanting a lower back tattoo, just go for it. If you are concerned about the people who will judge you for it, either toughen up or cover up. If you are one of the ignorant people spreading the “tramp stamp” rumors, well…consider yourself more educated.

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