Animals Tattoos – Are They For Real?

Animals tattoos are some of the most commonly chosen images to adorn your body. Most animal lovers have a natural affinity for these creatures and their characteristics. It is not surprising that so many people opt to get ink done to symbolize them. For some, their love of cats is fulfilled by a tattoo featuring a picture of their feline friend. Other animal lovers prefer the graceful aspects of dogs in their ink to depict a feeling of nobility. No matter what type of animal you are thinking of having inked on your body, the options are endless.

animals tattoos

Fish Tattoos. Fish tattoos are very common among women and girls. They are also one of the most searched after tattoo designs online. These tattoos are usually small, usually no more than a quarter of an inch in size and can be used to pay tribute to a loved pet or show a bit of femininity. Women tend to place larger fish tattoos on the back of their legs, while men opt to have smaller fish tattoos placed on their shoulders. Whatever the size of your fish tattoo, it will be sure to stand out when you wear it to parties and other events.

Geometric Tattoos. Many animal lovers have opted to go with the classic look of an animal tattoo in the form of a geometric pattern. These tattoos draw attention to large areas of the body, like the back, shoulders and calves. You may choose to have your tattoo etched onto your skin or directly applied through a needleless tattoo machine. The choice is yours, but the symbolism inherent in a geometrical pattern is undeniable.

Tribal Tattoos. Similar in concept to geometric tattoos, tribal tattoos also come in the form of a geometric pattern. These tattoos represent an indivisible unity, something that cannot be broken into pieces or reduced to a number.

Cat Tattoos. Some animal-lovers prefer to go with their cats’ images instead of those of other animals. There are lots of possibilities with cat tattoo designs. Some tattoo artists specialize in this type of design. Other tattoo enthusiasts opt to use the generic images that are already readily available inked onto other people. Either way, a good tattoo artist can render an appealing image source for these creatures.

Dragon Tattoos. Dragons are some of the most popular images used in animal tattoo designs. A dragon tattoo can be done on any part of the body. The head, chest, arms and legs are popular image source areas, although you can always have other body parts inked as well.

Mascot Tattoos. The mascot of a particular sports team can be inked onto the skin of its members. The San Diego Chargers’ “riptide” lion is a well-known example of this type of animal tattoo design. You can also find several animal tattoo designs of wrestlers and famous personalities in magazines and newspapers.

There are endless options when it comes to animal tattoos. The key to finding the best tattoo for you is to know what kind of image or picture best describes you. Aside from size, shape and location of the tattoo, your personality should also be considered. If you are not sure, a reliable tattoo expert can help you pick the right one for you.

Women and girls can get cute animal tattoos on their foot, ankle or wrist. Some animal tattoo designs are more appropriate for women. Examples of such designs include kitty cats, dolphins, unicorns and flowers. Men are more likely to get the body artwork depicting their favorite game or fighting dogs. Examples of such sport tattoo designs include pug dogs, bull dogs and tigers and lions.

Another great option for animal tattoos are the ones that express a particular emotion. For example, a small dolphin tattoo looks cute in the sea but a huge tiger tattoo screams masculinity. The choice is totally up to you. Other popular animal tattoos designs that express emotions include heart, flowers and zodiac signs. Zodiac symbol tattoos are the most popular choice among celebrities and the popular children’s characters like Mickey Mouse and Hello Kitty.

Animals tattoo designs are very diverse and there is an endless variety of them to choose from. You can go as big as you want with a small tattoo and cover it up with a shirt or a baggy sweater. You may choose animals tattoo design that shows off your amazing personality. Whichever decision you make, remember that getting a tattoo is a long-term commitment that will be with you for life. You should also have patience as tattoos take time to heal.