Animal Tattoos On Arm – Express Your Craziness

animal tattoos on armCeltic and tribal animal tattoos on arm was one of the most sought after tattoo style for those who seeking for a beautiful and unique design. These animal tattoos are being sported by people from all walks of life who are proud to show off their ink. These tattoos are some of the most favorite designs for men and women alike. However, not all of these animal tattoos look good on arm. In fact, some of these tattoos might just end up looking tacky.

When choosing the right tattoo, it is very important to select the best design that can really speak to your heart. This includes having an accurate perception of how you will wear your tattoo. You have to remember that there are different areas of the body where tattoos go and which part of your arm works better as a canvas for these animal tattoo designs. Some of the tattoo designs are best flaunted on arm while there are also some that are best flaunted on lower back area of the arm.

First, you need to have a rough idea about the size of the tattoo design that you are planning to have on your arm. Determine the proportion of the design so that the upper half of your arm and the lower arm can see through the design. Arm tattoos generally flaunt intricate details such as tribal designs, zigzag lines, and barbed wire. To make your arm tattoos more interesting, add your own creativity.

Two of the most popular arm designs include Celtic and tribal. Both of these tribal tattoo styles are rooted from early Celtic culture. Celtic animal tattoos use the use of knot work, spirals, and knot line art. Celtic tattoos are usually depicted as an animal carrying its tail, a lion, a dragon, and many other animals.

There are animal tattoos that are mostly flaunted by women. Their arms can be flaunted using butterfly, flower, and various other fantasy like designs. Butterfly arms are perfect for women who want to project a delicate and enchanting aura. Another animal tattoo that is flaunted by women is fish which flaunts a magnificent array of colors.

Tiger Tattoos On Arm

Among the most preferred arm designs by men and women alike are dragon tattoos. Dragon tattoos convey a kind of tough and masculine aura. If you don’t want to flaunt a full blown dragon design, you can always try to have a dragon scale tattooed on your arm. The scale can be made to look thicker at the area where the tattoo is positioned. This can actually make the full design look even better.

On the other hand, there are animal tattoos that can be flaunted by both men and women. One of the most preferred designs is a zebra tattoo. The zebra’s stripes and pattern make it a perfect choice for animal fats. It’s also possible to have a giraffe tattoo placed on your arm, although this particular animal is not used by most people anymore.

Lion Tattoo


Other animal tattoos on arm can be seen on fish, dragon, scorpion, leopard, panda, and a lot more. A lot of people choose these arm bandanas simply because they look extremely sexy. The design and type of tattoo chosen will solely depend on your preference of how it looks on your arm. For more information, just do a search online.

As mentioned earlier, there are thousands of designs available for animal fats. There are flower designs, zodiac signs, and mythical creatures to choose from. The choice basically depends on what kind of person you are. Some would prefer Celtic or tribal designs whereas others may opt for the more classical animal designs.

Gorilla Tattoos On Arm


In addition to animal tattoos on arm, there are other ways to flaunt your ink on your skin. For example, you can get body art in the shape of a snake, dragon, rabbit, or another creature. This is a popular option with women and girls alike.

You can flaunt them at any time you like. The designs are so colorful that you won’t even notice that they’re there. With arm bandanas, you don’t need to wear them all the time. Just put them on whenever you feel like taking it off. No one will ever suspect that they’re there until you pull your sleeve up.

Snake Tattoo