Animal Tattoos – Animal Image Designs For Tattoo Existence

animals tattoos

Animal Tattoos – Animal Image Designs For Tattoo Existence

Animals tattoos are among the newest styles of tattoo art. Animal tattoos have always gained importance especially during the ancient building of the Pyramids. It was believed that an animal shaped tattoo was made by the wearer of such an animal picture calling the animal’s spirit to guide him in his quest for the truth. The Egyptians were known to use animals tattoos as a way to ward off evil spirits and as a means to communicate with the higher powers. They considered animals sacred and associated with certain powers such as the Sun, the Moon, and therain God, as well as the element Earth.

Animal tattoo art is very popular among men nowadays. In fact, there are thousands if not millions of tattoo enthusiasts worldwide who sport animal tattoos of different types, shapes and sizes on their bodies. Among the most common animals tattoos are fish tattoos, dragon tattoos, dolphin tattoos, rabbit tattoos, tiger tattoos, wolf tattoos, butterfly tattoos, lion tattoos, cross tattoos, Celtic tattoos, astrological tattoos, heart tattoos and tribal tattoos. However, you can also find funny, interesting and unique tattoos for girls.

Fish Tattoos Fish is depicted as wonderful fish with their characteristic bright colored fins and colorful fins. In tattoo art, fish symbolizes strength, courage, beauty, and intelligence. According to the scientific dictionary, fish is defined as any living creature with the characteristics of both fresh and salt water. Hence, fish tattoos also denotes a creature with similar characteristics. There are various fish image sources like coral reef, underwater, fish skeleton, fish colors, and many more.

Dragon Tattoos Most especially for those who are serious about their selves and their career, dragon tattoos is among the best option. Dragons are regarded as fierce beasts with sharp and amazing teeth that make them excellent image sources for men. They are famous and admired as magical and powerful creatures having great wisdom. Among the most common tattoo designs for men are dragon tattoos, Celtic dragon tattoos, and tribal dragon tattoos.

Cats Tattoos Cat is also popular pets of humans. Some people choose to have cats tattooed on their body as cute and lovely pets. Cats are widely used as house pets. Therefore, some tat enthusiasts wanted to have cute, lovely and cuddly cats as their tattoo image source. There are many ways to portray the idea of being a good pet cat such as having a cute little cat tattooed on your arm, or small cute cat tattoos on the belly button or your wrist.

Dolphin Tattoos Dolphins is always considered as cute and wonderful pets of human beings. Some people also consider them as fascinating sea animals. The most popular dolphin image source is the coastline, including the sea, an underwater aquarium, or an intricate dolphin tattoo design. Some tat enthusiasts even made full use of dolphins as tattoo images, such as when people combine a dolphin with a heart tat or dolphin with a crown tat.

Wolf Tattoos Another animal that is widely chosen animal tattoos like other creatures of prey. People who want to have something cool and unique inked on their bodies opt for wolf tat theme. In general, the color of wolf tats are green, black or dark red. Some people even customize wolf tats by adding to it elements such as a paw print, a mane, a single wolf tooth, or a combination of all these elements.

These are some of the animal tattoo designs which many people choose to get inked on their bodies. However, you should always keep in mind that there are animal tattoo image source choices which may not be suitable for you. Keep in mind that you must always bear in mind that your tattoo image should reflect your personality, or at least your feelings. If you feel that these tattoo designs are too gory for you, then it would be better if you settle for a tattoo design that is not as gory and violent as these.