Animal Hand Tattoos – The Most Popular Animal Tattoos to Choose From

animal hand tattoos

If you are searching for the best animal hand tattoos, then you definitely want to read this article right away. I am going to tell you the best places on the web to go when looking for a tattoo that will speak to the animal in your life. In addition, I will also share with you some of the top designs that have made their way into my own body.

Tribal: The animal tribal is one of the most commonly seen animal hand tattoos. I believe the reason why is because it is so commonly used as a design. You will find various styles, from the basic black and grey tribal to much more detailed, colorful tribal art. As you probably know, this particular design is very symbolic and can mean many different things to different people.

Tiger: This animal is so widely used for a tattoo, that you can rarely find a piece that does not feature at least one tiger somewhere on the body. While the tiger is a symbol of strength and power, you will find that there are many other ways to portray strength, power and courage as well. You could opt to get a simple large tattoo. The great thing about this design is that you can be as artistic with it as you want. For example, you could add some tribal elements, such as vines, to make it look a little more natural. Some people prefer the more traditional look, while others are drawn to the more modern look.

Dolphin: The dolphin is another popular animal hand tattoos, which is probably why it is so commonly seen. It is one of the easiest animals to translate onto the canvas, meaning you don’t have to spend a lot of time trying to figure out what exactly it means. All you need to do is make sure that you use the shape of the dolphin as a guide to help create a unique tattoo. That way, you will always know that it is original.

dolphin hand tattoos

Wolf: There is something majestic about the wolf, and people really like the black color that it comes in. The symbol that comes right behind the wolf is another symbol of power and strength, which is why it is such a popular choice. This particular animal tattoo can show people that they are powerful and that they are tough and reliable. It can also help you to show other people that you are bold and that you are not afraid to go through things and do them on your own.

wolf hand tattoos

Dog: Perhaps, the most popular animal that people want tattooed is a dog. The fact that there are so many different dog images available for you to choose from is just another reason why so many people get tattoos. You can look for cute pictures of puppies or dogs to help you come up with an idea for your tattoo. If you want a more aggressive image, look for a picture of a dog that is sporting a mohawk or complete tattoo.

dog hand tattoos

Cat: A cat is another favorite animal tattoo to many people. The colors that a cat usually come in are also very cute and beautiful. If you want a more unique design, you could always use a picture of a cat with a tail. People often like to use an image of a tiger with a cover-up of a cat or a leopard with some sort of background. These designs are just a bit more interesting than the standard cat tattoo.

cat hand tattoos

These are just a few of the more popular animal tattoos that you will see. No matter what image you end up choosing for your new tattoo, the fact is that these animal tattoos are very popular and are a great way to express yourself. You should spend as much time as you need to think of the perfect design for your animal tattoo and then you should find a place that you can get it done in. You should make sure that you choose a professional artist for your animal hand tattoos, so you do not have any regrets later on.