Animal Finger Tattoos Is One Finger Design Choice

animal finger tattoos

Animal Finger Tattoos Is One Finger Design Choice

Animal finger tattoos for women are a great way to get a tattoo that is unique and different from all of the others on your body. This type of tattoo can be easily flaunted and be used as part of an overall tattoo design. A woman can have several animal tattoo designs inked onto her fingers. There are many different types of animals that can be used in a tattoo design. Most often these animals are used in order to represent some sort of creature that the woman has a connection or a relationship with.

The first animal finger tattoo design that many people think of is a rooster. In ancient times the rooster was used as a symbol of luck and good fortune among many cultures around the world. Now you may not be familiar with the meaning of the rooster, but it actually comes from the Chinese culture. The rooster symbolizes health, prosperity, fertility, growth and strength. This animal symbolizes three important aspects of the ancient Chinese culture and is often times used in their wedding seals and decorative patterns as well.

Another animal finger tattoo design that is very popular among women is the dolphin. Dolphins are one of the most famous dolphin tattoos that many women want to have on their fingers. These dolphins symbolize love, friendship and hope. These are also the favorites of sailors because of their ability to go under the water and still come up on top of ships. These tattoos usually start out as a small dolphin shape and then are added to larger dolphin designs.

Another popular animal design that many women get inked onto their fingers is the rainbow. The rainbow tattoo is also based off of the Chinese symbol for energy. The symbol for energy is also known as the same symbol that is also seen in the Chinese characters for chi. Many believe that this chi energy can flow throughout the body and be transferred into other parts of the tattoo if it is inked properly.

Many people who get inked with these symbols to find that the pain is bearable and some do not even feel a thing when they have their tattoo applied. In some cases people notice that their tattoo seems to fade after just a few weeks of being inked. This fades because the body slowly absorbs the ink. Some people recommend having the tattoo artist redraw a portion of your animal design if you are not happy with the results after a few weeks of inking the design onto your fingers. Just make sure that you do this to ensure that the tattoo that you have inked onto your finger will remain the same as the original design.

In addition to the above mentioned animal tattoo designs, there are also other popular choices for people who want to get tattoos on their fingers. Some of the more popular choices include koi fish tattoos, dragon tattoos, Celtic tattoos and tribal tattoos. The choice of which tattoo designs you choose depends on the person you are getting the tattoo for as well as what you want the end result to be.

Animal finger tattoos seem to be the most popular option for women. However, men are getting them as well. In fact, thousands of men have finger tattoos to show off to others. In many cases the designs are not exactly what you would think of for a finger tattoo, but many men are getting the finger tattoos for the look they give to others. It does not matter why you are getting a tattoo as long as you are happy with the end result.

Some of the more popular designs for the fingers include the koi fish, dragon, dolphin and Celtic patterns. Each one of these can be an elaborate representation of the animal that you are getting the tattoo for. If you are choosing a koi fish tattoo, you can get one that is intricate and has many different colors of koi fish swimming around. A dolphin tattoo can have dolphins swimming around in the background or one in the front of the design. Choosing the best designs for your finger tattoo is all about what you like and what you want the end result to be.