4 of the Most Commonly Accepted Cross Tattoos

Animal Crossing has been one of the most popular games on the Nintendo Wii since it was released. Children and adults alike enjoy playing this fun game as they try to help their pet become healthy and happy. When you play Animal Crossing, your goal is to adopt a pet and care for them until they grow up into an adult. The games are very addicting, and the cute characters will keep you playing for hours. Here are fifteen of my favorite Animal Crossing tattoos that way too adorable to leave out.

animal crossing tattoos

Lilly. This cute tattoo was actually done by Melvin Arizmendi, an artist behind many Animal Crossing designs such as this one for Animal Crossing villager Lilly. The tattoo came from a request by a fan, and the resulting design is a recreation of the character’s face with Lilly’s own lazy eye peering out.

Blaire. Another Animal Crossing tattoo that makes my list is this blaire-in-waiting for villager Blaire. As you may know, Blaire is an animal lover who keeps her pet hamsters happy and healthy by letting them play in the garden. The hamsters are actually her babies, so she looks at them as a real family. This charming tattoo came from a request by a fan, and the result is a wonderful image of Blaire relaxing in a garden of flowers surrounded by her happy hamsters.

Diesel. This tattoo artist drew this tattoo based on the cover of a children’s book called Diesel in Japan. The image shows a beautiful girl with her mom and dad along with a dog named Diesel. This is a great example of a tattoo based on an image, and the amazing thing about Diesel tattoos is that this artist often draws them based on images kids will enjoy.

Coyote. A cute hat that shows a coyote looking back at people as he walks away. It’s a unique tag that can show off one’s style. The tat actually started life as a drawing and then was turned into a tattoo. It’s a great example of how artists can draw something from a simple sketch and turn it into a cute, cuddly, character tattoo.

Dragon. These animal crossing tattoos tend to be more popular among female tat enthusiasts. The dragon is a symbol of good fortune and good luck, which many girls identify with.

Butterfly. The butterfly is another popular choice for a women’s cross tattoo. This is because of its simplicity: a butterfly is a very tiny figure, and a cross tattoo is something you can wear every day without any hassle. A butterfly tat is a great way to combine art and meaning in one small design.

There are literally thousands of animal crosses out there to choose from. If you’re thinking of getting one, make sure it suits your personality. There’s nothing worse than a tattoo that you don’t like. It can be very uncomfortable to display especially in public. Always remember though, that if you’re not a furry person by nature, having an animal cross may not be such a good idea.

Dragon. Dragons represent strength, power, and mythical creatures. It’s no surprise that they are also highly sought-after animal crosses for tattoos. Dragons signify great strength, loyalty, and excellence.

In Japanese culture, dragon cross tattoo designs are used to mark the sacred events of a person’s life. The tattoo is usually done in black in order to symbolize the change of environment for each individual. When you see an animal crossing the path, it means a new chapter in an individual’s life is just about to begin. People who are about to undergo a big change in their life usually opt for these animal crosses. Some examples include a new beginning or a new life under different circumstances. Some tat enthusiasts believe that a person having a dragon cross tattoo means that he will have great strength and success in his new endeavors.

Monkey. Everyone loves monkeys! A lot of people choose monkey cross tats because it can mean a lot of things. For example, a person who is changing his life or personality may have a monkey design because that person will be able to experience everything life has to offer by transforming himself or herself into an animal.

Cat. Cats are considered to be one of the most symbolic animals in Chinese culture. Aside from being beautiful and mystical, a cat cross tat can also mean that the wearer possesses a strong will and faith in his capabilities and will overcome any obstacles that might come his way in his quest to be the best.